DIY : Jar lamp

This DIY wasn’t a planned project at all. Inspiration came to me when I already had all the elements. This is what happened…

After the lockdown, I was given a little rose tree for my birthday, and when the roses began to wither, I cut them and hung them. As I didn’t know what to do with the dried roses, I collected them in an empty jam jar.

A few months passed. I had added LED lights into the jar (the battery is left outside, the lid can be closed easily). One morning, I happened to walk on a butterfly in my living room (fortunately, it was already dead!). As it wasn’t too damaged (you can see my footprint on the bottom of the wings), I decided to try to preserve it. So, I put pins around its wings and body to leave it open and let it dry a few days. Then, I removed the pins to see if the wings remained open. Even though the pins left a few marks on the edges of the wings, the result was quite good!

Meadow brown (Maniola jurtina)

At this moment, I thought : “Okay, what am I to do with the butterfly now?” It was too fragile to be left without anything to protect it. That’s when the idea came to me : I simply (but carefully) put it in the jar with the LED lights and the roses. I changed the color of the lid (I used a copper spray paint I already had) and TADA! My jar lamp was finished! My boyfriends hates it but he doesn’t care much about what I put on the coffee table, so I can enjoy it when I read in the evening! This is my cosy place!

I’m quite inspired by curiosity cabinets, so adding a butterfly doesn’t bother me, but if the idea of a dead insect disgusts you, you can buy fake butterflies. The thing is we can put anything we want in those jars: flowers, shells, acorns, pearls, moss… The only limit is our imagination.

And you, are you inspired by curiosity cabinets? If you are, I’d like to see your ideas!

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